Monday, November 24, 2008

Yo "Gabba Gabba," or, Yo "What the flying fuck is this?!?!" or, Yo "100 ways to traumatize your children in 30 minutes or less!"

Did a giant green monster just MURDER those vegetables?!?! I title this clip: "How to make 
even the simplest tasks, such as eating, psychologically scarring for your child...part I" or
"Mommy, I cannot eat those carrots...I refuse to become a murderer like you!!!"

In the above video containing a scene from the new Nick Jr. program entitled "Yo Gabba Gabba." In a mere 2 minutes, the program manages to fuck up your child's brain in the following ways:

1. Educate children as to the gentle, friendly nature of talking plants...and how you murder them everyday during lunch

2. Show sentient creatures being eaten alive and then slowly digested

3. Promote the use of Psychedelics through the reenactment of an hallucinogenic episode

4. Personify vegetables in order to create an army of carnivorous kindergardeners that will destroy the vegan culture, because hey, at least cows don't fucking talk.

If that isn't enough, how about stereotyping black people as being the only source of rhythm, obese, and being capable of only the simplest modes of communication. Either this fat black dude is playing the part of a mentally challenged person, or this mentally challenged person is playing the part of a fat black dude...I will simply provide you with the evidence. It is up to you to make the conclusion:

Or MAYBE it is that he thinks the audience is mentally challenged...or deaf...
or in the hospital.

No, this is NOT a sketch from Mad TV. Further proof in favor of this actor being:
deaf; mentally challenged; token black guy; all of the above


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