Monday, June 29, 2015

"Jeffrey's Dahmer's new cooking show "Your Last Meal is...YOU!" premiers on Oct. 20th. Tune in to watch "Cheff Jeff" turn death row inmates into a last meal you'd kill for! Families of the murdered victims act as judges to see what the man who murdered their loved ones is truly made of! As Cheff Jeff always says, revenge is a dish best served hot...with a glass of Absolut on ice. *sponsored by Absolut Vodka, the #1 drink chosen to accompany the "last meal" by death row inmates for the past 100 years!"

Okay, so this is definitely a thing now...even Wikipedia can't deny the absurdity required for this show to exist:!

The show is filmed entirely in black and white, as if it wasn't creepy enough. The only question left for me to ask is this: If he truly was exonerated, and the criminals involved legally consented to being cooked after dying under the electric it really that bad of an idea? Whatever you feel about it, I'm definitely watching the season premiere. I'm hoping convicted child murderers taste like chicken...get it? Chicken? Because they victimized the weak?! What, too soon? Ya, you're probably right...

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