Q: Can I ask a stupid question?...

A: I don't know. Can you? Are there stupid questions? Well there are. There are also stupid people who ask stupid questions, and stupid people who refuse to ask stupid questions, and stupid people who give stupid answers. Stupid people give stupid answers like, "That's a great question!" which elicits the belief that there are no other questions which will generate praise -- that other questions are not great therefore there ARE stupid questions. How can anyone say there are no stupid questions. Challenge accepted. You win.

Q: Are you really a bunch of hobos who write this shit?

A: Yes, yes we are. And to think that people say there are no stupid questions. See Question One.

Q: Who is Julio and what is his "project"?

A: Julio is a hobo/migrant worker from Boise, Idaho who relocated to Belize on a worker's permit. One day he lost his visa and passport and got stuck there with no way back to the states. He tried the foreign exchange student route, but the university kicked him out for hobosexual harassment before his application could be accepted. Julio picked coffee beans for a living and then he became a coyote, helping illegals cross numerous borders into other countries, including the U.S. He decided that job was no longer for him, so with a number of other hobos they migrated like a flock of birds to Arizona where he was shot at by border patrol officers, pulled over and clubbed by Arizona PD, and later beaten like a redheaded stepchild by the INS and deported multiple times. This was not only ironic but true since Julio is a redheaded stepchild. Julio now lives in a cardboard box on Main Street. His project(s) include not only living in one, but building an entire city made of cardboard boxes for all the hobos on the North and South American continents to live for free. A city without: borders, politics, religion, an economy or your stupid questions. For a more complete biographical account see Question One.

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