Thursday, March 10, 2016

Chinese Toy Company's "Easy-Bake Meth Lab!" Fuels Debate Over the Commercialization of China's New Economy

Nanjing, CHINA - While this may appear to be something right out of "the Onion," the "Easy-Bake Meth Lab" is a stark reality in the Chinese city of Nanjing. Thanks to Chinese-based Toy company "Nan-Tech," adults and even children can walk into any local mall and walk out with all the tools necessary to manufacture Crystal Meth. My source in China, who informed me of this unusual "toy" has provided me with the following translation:

"Hey kids, do you take medicine for your ADHD? Then you're in luck! With "easy bake Meth" you can bake your own Crystal Meth right in your own home using nothing more than regular, household chemicals and 2 AA batteries! *Adderall, Batteries sold seperately

Crystal Meth: China's New Opium

The use of "Crystal Methamphetamine," commonly referred to as just "Crystal Meth" has spiked in recent years ever since China approved the use of generic "Adderall" for the treatment of ADHD for school-aged children. Much to the dismay of government officials, may parents, cash strapped due to the stagnant wages and the rising cost of living, have been selling their children's medication to crystal meth manufacturers.

Processed crystal meth is sold on the street for about 1,000 times more than what Adderall fetches on the black market, which is why many parents have been experimenting with their own small-scale crystal meth manufacturing. Using regular household chemicals and a AA battery, even someone with no formal education can double, even triple their income by manufacturing and then selling crystal meth using their own child's medicine. What's worse is that some parents have been enlisting the children themselves into the very dangerous manufacturing process,

As much as we like to complain about dubious business practices here in the United States, at least corporations aren't enlisting our children into the drug least not yet:

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