Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Robotic Para"OMFG"Olympics Chicken Embarrassment Post

an inappropriate gesture And Yet Another Senseless Guest Post by Static As If It Were Possible You Think Out Loud To Yourself

Hey everyone. How the hell are ya?

I wanted to address the list of offenses we (may) have created, especially with our last posts. We..or I should say I (since Julio is insensitive to paraplegics, and everyone on the planet actually, including me).. I would like to offer an apology to anyone who is truly offended by our shock blogging, especially regarding the Para"OMFG"Olympics, and the Robot Chicken posts.

If you are paraplegic or quadraplegic, it is no laughing matter how you ended up as such, and nobody should make fun of that. I also offer my heartfelt sympathies for any Robot Chicken or Dharma and Greg lovers out there.

However, it can be considered pretty funny if you are a Robot Chicken loving paraplegic, who fully understands the risks of being a Robot Chicken lover, and engaging in competitive sports that result in a pile-up of wheelchairs on the race track.

christopher reeves embarrassment
Chris Reeves says: Stop yer whining!

Would Christopher Reeves be offended by any of that? Probably not. He was a go-getter, and a head strong individual with a thick skin...or perhaps he was a weak spined individual with a thick skull, we haven't made that determination yet.

Anyway...Do you think he would be offended by a picture of himself faced with having to enter a non-handicap accessible heaven? I think he would be pissing himself...with laughter (not just because he often pissed himself for lack of bladder control.)

I find that people who are easily offended are:
  • a.) Uptight people who have to find something to bemoan about, or they feel their lives have no purpose otherwise
  • b.) Uptight people who recently experienced that which is being made fun of
  • c.) Uptight people who know someone who is uptight with what is being made fun of
  • d.) Uptight people who are uptight about everything in general
  • e.) All of the above

So to you folks who are classified as anything contained above, you need to loosen up a bit. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this without embarrassment.

fugly fat arse Loosening Up is Done by Letting Go
No, no. Don't let yourself go. Let go! There is only one thing we need to control, and that is our own reactions. And the way to control our reactions is to loosen up by letting go. This is but one subtle way of letting go. So get naked and run down the street, start talking to a stranger at the bus stop; ask them for the time - which will be hilarious, because well, y'know..YOU'RE NAKED! What do YOU need a watch or know the time for? Chances are, if you're naked, you have nowhere to be except prison. After getting naked and asking some random person for the time, then slowly rip a really loud fart in front of a large group of people. Remember, letting go takes love.

kiss a monkeys butt Observing Through Self-Observation is Important
Loosen up pal. Go to the zoo. Hang out and watch the monkeys and apes for awhile. These are your direct relatives. Get in touch with them and get in touch with that side of yourself. Observe the monkeys observing you. They only wish to emulate you because you are pretty smart...for a monkey. While you're at it. Go play with them, maybe the zookeepers will mistake you for one and lock you in with the monkeys removing you from "normal" society.

narcissist Loosening Up and Letting Go is Freedom (as covered above)
It is our own self-observation that is the key to this higher order of awareness. Self-observation allows us to understand. The silent observer that lives within does not think, it sees light of our new understanding. This higher freedom comes in direct proportion to what we are willing to learn about ourselves. The next time you decide to judge someone else's stupidity..think of your own for a moment before you do. After an hour long narcissistic rage, you'll remember that even you are not perfect..your chances at perfection are about 300 Billion:1 (only Julio and myself are that close to perfection). Just keep licking the mirror, you'll eventually get it.

hand job Have the Right Intention
Be a willing participant and look in the right direction. At first it will be humiliating to see and then admit that you only thought you were in the driver seat. The good news is we are never trapped by where we are. The trap is always who we are. To learn how to loosen up by letting go can help you to inwardly grow and the easier your whole life flows. That's why you need to don a turban, and give a hand job to the first middle eastern man you see. As I said previously, letting go takes love. Lots and lots of it. And if and when you think you've given too much, that's when you need to give MOAR!

shit chest Want What Life Wants
It is not what life has brought you that you don't want. It is your reactions that turn the gift of life into the resentment of it. It is your own ideas about life that have failed you. What happens when you want what you want? You become nervous and anxious because life may not cooperate with your plans. We were not made in our own image. When you want what life wants you are never disappointed with what happens. Even if life wants to take a huge dump on your chest, and then it does.

drunken regrets Letting Go of Regret
Do not look back at regret. Regret only ties you to the old life level that doesn't know better and keeps you from the one that does. Let the fighting end. Don't let the current of the past dictate the direction of the present. It is never right to feel wrong, no matter how right you think you are. And even if you're right, you're wrong (unless you are me or Julio.) So don't regret the oh-so-wrong and stupid decision to get drunk one morning and tattoo a checkerboard on your face. Coz that's one rad checkerboard..on yer ugly puss, dumbass!

So ya see, it's really not that hard to let go and loosen up. Especially where shock blogging is concerned. It's just so much easier to not give a shit.

And if it's too hard for you to do that, then you are just going to be disappointed by everything and have quite the uphill battle, moron. So good luck with that, you depraved flea-infested unfortunate occurrence of unprotected intercourse and heart-sickening sub-literate simpletons!

Oops..seems I need another lesson in letting get over it. That's right. I'm a dick, sometimes. Because there are moments where I just don't care give a shit. Until next time pinheads.

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Friday, May 8, 2009

'Robot Chicken Embarrassment' Embarassment

Imagine being a huge geeky-nerdy fan of criticizing other huge geeky-nerdy fans' favorite TV shows..which I am...and have someone dash those dreams and hopes into the dirt...well, that's what happened to me the other day.

After posting a comment on an article about a favorite show of ~Static~ on, his discovery that the Cartoon Network-Adult Swim series Robot Chicken in fact sucks, was a rather disheartening experience for him. He then wrote an article on describing, in verbose (and oddly sexual) detail, the embarrassment my comment caused. The following is my heartfelt and entirely original apology:


P.S. Thanks to Eminem, DJ Skittles and other white rappers named after popular bite-sized candies for making this post possible...aaaaand I'm pretty sure that's everyone who inspired this post...yup, everyone.
p.p.s. Thanks also to, ~Static~, for making this post possible.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Robot Chicken Embarrassment

this shit is bananas
this shit is bananas
Another Senseless Guest Post by Static

Imagine being a huge geeky-nerdy fan of one of your favorite shows..which you are..and have someone dash those dreams and hopes into the dirt, making you feel like a complete tool. Well, that's what happened to me the other day.

After posting an article about a favorite show of mine on, my discovery that the Cartoon Network-Adult Swim series Robot Chicken in fact sucks, was a rather disheartening experience.

Let's have a look shall we?

Julio said...

Sorry, but I friggin' HATE Robot Chicken. The following is EVERY ROBOT CHICKEN SKETCH EVER:
1. Use characters from sit-coms and cartoons that aired between 1980 and 1990. If said characters aren't present, then something of this sort should occur (i.e. something involving the balls):
2. Make said characters act like every-day individuals in every-day situations. Resist keeping them in-character; they must act OPPOSITE to their character. Therefore, Darth Vader is afraid of spiders and Charlie Brown kills baby animals...for fun!
3. Rinse and repeat.

April 30, 2009 7:22 PM

~Static~ responded...

@ Julio - But that's what makes Robot Chicken so endearing.

Robot Chicken makes fun of mediocre sketch comedy formulae, while proudly supporting it at the same time...

Or something like that.

We're vulnerable here, please stop toying with our fragile self-conception!

May 3, 2009 1:34 PM

Clearly, you can sense the shame in my response. But even more shameful is what other people like to do when they think about Robot Chicken.

chicken man the colonel's secret recipe

Geejus kriiist that's disgusting!

Just when you thought Project Julio would dispense with the shock tactics, huh? Nope! icanhascheezburger will have more uploads like this in the future to share with PJ/NPH readers!

Note: Chicken maniac..err Chicken man's picture can easily be found just be Google-ing the keyword "colonel's secret recipe"..either Google fucked up, or that is in fact the Colonel's secret recipe.

Anyway, as if this wasn't enough, I also have a confession.
To further distinguish shame from embarrassment, I wish to point to two types of embarrassment. These I will call embarrassment as self-consciousness and embarrassment as mild shame.

In the latter type, embarrassment as mild shame is related to a negative self-evaluation. For example, in reference to Kentucky Fried Chicken, a person's negative self-evaluation of eating is not associated with the amount of food that he or she consumed when not hungry, but was linked to their perceptions of being restricted from those foods leading to

1) an eating disorder and becoming very thin, or
2) not caring and becoming grossly overweight, or
3) having a balanced lifestyle approach and indulging on occasion, but looking healthy in appearance
4) a complete fuckwit who puts a rubber chicken in their butt anytime Robot Chicken is mentioned and then takes a picture of it which ends up on the net
5) following number four the chicken stuffer's identity becomes known

In the first type, embarrassment appears to be more shyness than shame. Such as

1) being a self-unaware nerd who likes Robot Chicken
2) being a self-aware nerd who loves Robot Chicken
3) wanting to put a rubber chicken in your butt anytime Robot Chicken is mentioned

Self-consciousness, such as the embarrassment of admitting to enjoying the show, Robot Chicken, led to embarrassment and humiliation and my self-conscious discovery that I am a HUGE nerd. But I'm not as much as a nerd as say..Barack Obama.

At this point it is probably pretty obvious that I'm a bona fide nerd. I was fully aware of this fact before just now, but this morning after I woke up, I had a legitimate full nerd moment that I can't deny at all. I sat at my laptop, closed my eyes for a few seconds and...

recited Pi to as many decimal places as I could remember.

I got to 3.14159265359 and was actually excited about my abilities until I suddenly realized I had settled into full nerd territory. The worst part about it is that I'm not ashamed about it at all (possible negative self-evaluation or embracing that self-evaluation and making it a positive one).

Most people who think they know me, don't know the full extent of my nerdiness. In reality, probably only 2-3 people fully realize just how much of a nerd I am. That's about all the people I know really...I tend to only display around 22.87% of my nerdiness to the general populace, and around 18.07% of that is through my blog. But 99.9% of my readers KNOW this already.

The other .1% are either clueless, or are just self-unaware nerds.

With this giant leap into the land of Geakuh (pronounced: Geek), I may just begin to reveal more and more of my nerdiness to the world.

Clue #1 - I like Star Wars. Stay tuned for moar kthxbye!

**Julio's Note: For a more sexually arousing version of this article, visit here. Also, Kudos to ~Static~ for discovering this site:

You can find more about Static's Nerdom by visiting:

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Friday, May 1, 2009

The Para"OMFG"Olympics

Okay, lets just say your wife's best friend is a paraplegic (i.e. cripple). One day, your wife's friend invites you both to view the Paralympics, with the main event being the 5K women's wheel-chair race. Everything is going're even enjoying yourself and getting into the race. Then THIS happens:

Do you say:
a) Shriek in horror "Oh My Fucking God (OMFG)! I hope they have wheel-chair insurance!"
b) "OMFG, as if being a cripple wasn't bad enough!"
c) "It's okay everyone...God obviously just hates some people more than others..."
d) Laugh histerically until you're kicked out of the house by your wife's angry wheel-chair ridden best friend.
e) "Sliiiiiiide-show"

If you chose "D"...then you're a fucking moron. However, being that I am a fucking moron, I had no other choice BUT to choose "D". Before you judge me, though, please hear me out. I hate crippled people...if, that is, you consider them to be "people" in the first place! The only thing they're good for are side-show slide-shows.

...Of course, I don't really feel that way, but would not such a view be considered "extreme"? Extremely offensive, angry, illogical and hateful? I mean, what the hell kind of person hates and makes fun of people who overcome a handicapp? 


Oh, right...soooo maybe it was a bit Hitler-ish to laugh at a 5-wheel-chair pile-up. Speaking of which, Hitler was known to be quite the humorist. In the new non-fiction "The Last Witness," Hitler's personal telephonist recalls his disturbing jokes about concentration camp victims, some of whom, we can imagine, were probably crippled. That being said, I think the spirit of Hitler is well alive in the following paralympic joke:

I noes can getz up! I noes haz legz...=(

Now, Before you judge me, though, please hear me out. You must first realize that it was not I, Julio, who made this image, but rather ~Static~ of I did not do anything wrong; I only did what I was told...hmm, now where did I hear that argument before?


Oh, right...

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