Friday, May 8, 2009

'Robot Chicken Embarrassment' Embarassment

Imagine being a huge geeky-nerdy fan of criticizing other huge geeky-nerdy fans' favorite TV shows..which I am...and have someone dash those dreams and hopes into the dirt...well, that's what happened to me the other day.

After posting a comment on an article about a favorite show of ~Static~ on, his discovery that the Cartoon Network-Adult Swim series Robot Chicken in fact sucks, was a rather disheartening experience for him. He then wrote an article on describing, in verbose (and oddly sexual) detail, the embarrassment my comment caused. The following is my heartfelt and entirely original apology:


P.S. Thanks to Eminem, DJ Skittles and other white rappers named after popular bite-sized candies for making this post possible...aaaaand I'm pretty sure that's everyone who inspired this post...yup, everyone.
p.p.s. Thanks also to, ~Static~, for making this post possible.


~Static~ said...

It's all good homie.

I know you didn't mean it. And frankly, I wasn't all that hurt by it. But your comment about my obsession for Robot Chicken certainly was a great enough interaction to write about.

Nothing's funnier than getting long as the dis isn't too personal...or involves the police..or blackmail. Blackmail sucks dude!

p.s. that guy in the photo shoving the rubber bird up his butt is none other than..EMINEM! Talk about cleaning out your closet, yo.

Julio said...

Actually, I DID mean it. BTW, I am using footage of you having sex with various police personelle to blackmail you out of 1 MILLION coupons for free grilled chicken at KFC.

~Static~ said...

Let me rephrase that..(lol so tired lately)..I knew you meant it, but I don't think you were trying to be mean about it. And if ya were then sit on it (the rubber chicken I MEAN.) =P

As far as the pics go, I don't care about that. Them police women were hot, dude! I would be happy to share my babe-olicious gangbang with everyone in cyberspace.

And those KFC coupons are shit..they've been giving them out, but KFC restaurants don't even have the grilled chicken yet..useless!!

Julio said...

I actually WAS trying to be mean, or rather, crush your dreams, thereby sending you into a downward spiral until you relinquish all of your belongings (i.e. your robot chicken DVD box set) to ME, Julio. After watching the entire box set, I will then alert you that, having actually seen robot chicken, I still do not like it, but that your impending self-mutilation is not necessary since the source of the criticism (i.e. Me, Julio) actually watched an entire season of "Dharma and Greg", thereby nullifying the validity of any and all TV criticisms thereof.

OR I could just shove a chicken up my ass and post it on the net. Both of which are equally plausible.

~Static~ said...


I don't own a "Robot Chicken" DVD box set. I am into the show, but not that into it.

"Dharma and Greg" huh?

Wow, and I thought I was a nerd.

p.s. have fun shoving a chicken up yer butt and posting it on the net!


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