Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nyan Cat: FBI in Hot Pursuit

Project Julio readers may remember our special report last September about the internet meme and phenom, Nyan Cat, being the mastermind behind 9/11. This abominable act can no longer be blamed upon Obama bin Larden. Nyan Cat must be stopped and brought to justice...and/or shot in the head and dumped into the nearest ocean or large body of water....

I bet he tastes pretty good toasted, with a glass of milk....

All that delicious FROSTING and fruity filling....

Perhaps his remains could cure cancer. But ...we'll figure all of that out later!

After learning of Nyan Cat's involvement in 9/11 authorities have been attempting to capture him. We followed up on an anonymous tip that the police are in hot pursuit at this very moment somewhere outside Las Vegas. Yes. I've just been told that we have a camera crew live at the scene...let's see how this new and startling development unfolds!

Wow, clearly Nyan Cat is gonna get away with this shit. Damn you Nyan Cat! Damn you to Hell!!

Back to you, Wolf Blitzer!

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