Monday, October 24, 2011

Hero Love? is probably the most incredible gift to comedy since Isaac Newton invented eating turds. "Bollywood," the "Hollywood" of India, has turned out ingeniously perverse versions of Western film and culture, most notably "Superman and Spidergirl." In India, the "man of steel" can't reverse the rotation of the Earth and thereby turn back time...however, he CAN "sky-dance."

This time India has topped itself, and in doing so, topped the entire concept of perverse and offensive cinema worldwide. "Springtime for Hitler," a satirically offensive song in Mel Brooks' "The Producers," was comedic in that it was meant to be an example of the worst-possible musical ever made. Obviously, he was wrong. I'm afraid my wit is incapable of enhancing the humor of what is clearly the most absurd film ever made.

*The following Synopsis of the film is verbatim and not altered in any way. Seriously.*

"Hero Hitler in love" revolves around Hitler (Babbu Maan) who lives in his village Ishqpura. Hitler is a man with unique and different thoughts who loves his fellow villagers and helps them unite with their soul mates [Cupid-Hitler?]. Hitler falls in love with Sahiban (Mouni Roy) who lives in Pakistan and decides to bring her to his village. Hitler believes in solving the problems by talking about them, but when something crosses the line he decides to become "real Adolf Hitler" [wtf?]. Hitler loves car racing [WTF?] but when he is set up to fail in the Asian car racing competition [???] he decides to take revenge. The story shapes how Hitler takes his revenge and fights to win his girl and reunite both nations...[WTF?!?!?!?!]


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