Project Julio can be described as scathing, cutting, surgically precise satire. Our biting and reasoned criticism is often directed at today's social and political circus. Our content does not always reflect our views or opinions, but sometimes it does. We don't care if you're offended, but if you were to be, you might want to ask yourself WHY you're really offended. In most cases the mirror doesn't lie.

Our Ultimate Mission:
To challenge your perceptions and kick your brain in it's ass.

Suffer Pope!

Some more facts about us:

Project Julio was founded in 1901 by a hobo named Julio.

Awards Project Julio has received...
The Foot-in Mouth Award 2011
The Carpe Diem Award 2012 - Infinity
The Selective Perception Challenge Award 2011 - 2012
The Bastard of the Year Award 1901 - ?

Product(s) Project Julio offers you...
teh lulz (prepare for it)

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