Monday, November 24, 2008

Why the words "Fox" and "News" should never be allowed in the same utterance. Also, why everyone in this video is going to hell...

Speed up to 4:50 to hear the most POLITICALLY INCORRECT sentence 
in the history of the English language! Also, 3:26 is kinda AWESOME.

What is that sentence, you ask? In referring to the world's first "Pregnant Man" (who happens to be transgendered, so is biologically a woman with ovaries and cooties), the questionably heterosexual commentator (named Bill Schultz, and as one commentator comments, "Bill has a beard and that doesn't make him straight") )contends that, because this woman has grown facial hair and worked out in a gym, her child, by some unknown reason (probably due to some pact with Satan), will be seriously and irreversibly deformed. I, however, cannot give his statement justice, so here it is if you were too lazy to watch the video: "This little Ewok that she's going to crapout might even have a third eye.

Now, I know that the transgendered man/woman still has the female sexual organs required to give I am not really sure why or how he would assume that this birth is somehow going to be delivered anally. I suppose his knowledge of the situation came through text message, so his totaleducation on the situation consisted of, "Pregnant Man. Abomination. Why are gay people trying to be like us...lets ridicule them until they commmit suicide." Speaking of suicide...the female commentator, who apparently decided early on not to be outdone by a gay man in the department of insulting people who are different than you, mentions that, during pregnancy, the first 6 months aren't all that bad...but, rather, "It's months 7, 8 and 9 that you want to KILL YOURSELF...and I HOPE THAT THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS."

Yes, these two commentators were hired, as if I had to tell you, by the folks who brought you "Bill O'Rielly decides to "FUCK IT, WE'LL DO IT LIVE (see below video),"" Fox News! That's right, Fox News: We can say whatever the fuck kind of crazy shit we want and still legally call it "news"

Here he is, the master of the Universe, Bill O'Rielley, having a temper tantrum because
the world does not, as he often assumes, revolve around his arrogant, inflamed asshole.
Also, Fast forward to about 1:00 and you will realize that his mother and father must have
NEVER HUGGED HIM...EVER. Not even once. In fact, they would reach foward to hug him...
and then beat him with Rainbow-colored, Democratic and Athiest magazines (respectively)!!!

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