Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speaking of Euthanasia...Pope John Paul II --- EUTHANISED?!?!

Here's some extra dough for your troubles...and make it quick, will ya...
Aah, forgedaboudit!!!!

You'd have to see it to believe it. That damned "liberal media" has tried to supress this article from the well-known Conservative magazine "Time" which purports an argument, supported by evidence (how dare they!), that Pope John Paul II did not die of natural causes. Rather, the article claims, Paul II was part of an assisted suicide (or as the Italian medical professor interviewed in the article calls it, "Euthanized") where he is reported to have refused a feeding tube, a request which his doctors dutifully complied. Basically, if Terry Shiavo's brain was more than just a bowl of goop surrounding a brain stem, and she could do basic human activities such as speak, recognize family members and have power of attorney over herself (because she would be mentally capable of self-representation in court)...well, if this new, not-brain-dead Shiavo were in the Vatican during the whole 2005 fiasco, they would have killed her anyway. Don't you love contradictions? I sure do, especially when they pertain to the method of the contradictor's demise, such as when someone like Pope John Paul II condems euthanasia and assisted suicide as being equivalent to genocide...and then, on his death bed, asks his own doctors for euthanasia and assisted suicide.

You liberal bastards! How dare you defane our next President by showing us
his actual facial imperfections! For shame, Time magazine, FOR SHAME!!!!
*shakes fist*

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