Monday, February 28, 2011

Do We Live in a World Where...

Do we live in a world where…
wait, do we even know if we live in a “world” at all?
Is this even a real world at all?!
Is THIS real, are YOU real, am I even real?!
What about pickled pigs feet and the less popular pickled
POPE dicks?!
And of the origins of the origins of the “Origins of Species” by the great sir Charles Darwin (Audiobook by Dennis Quaid. Yeah, that guy from “Dragonheart.” Have they no RESPECT?)
And of the recent discovery that I have an extremely large
fireplace in my new apartment.
AND by “in my new apartment” I of course mean my ass-
ortment of new apartment homes made out of discarded
tractor-trailers used for interstate transport.

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