Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nyan Cat Makes Everything Better

So...Nyan Cat did do it?! We have proof now!!

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Julio said...

Wow...too soon. Just don't tell anyone that I found this completely hilarious. Now let me continue to pretend to be offended...GOOD DAY, SIR!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

You have a cool blog!
keep up the good work ;)

Static said...

The allegations that Nyan Cat and all its variations cures cancer and makes anything, even a disaster, better by spreading a happy rainbow trail wherever it goes. Amusing, but absurd.

For one the Nyan Cat song makes me want to kill it with fire. For all we know Nyan Cat is the devil cleverly disguised in a cute package with its dainty little song, its officious smiley face, its delicious frosted Pop-Tart body and its colorful rainbow farts. Deceptively evil indeed.

Patrick Riot said...

Thank Biggles I wasn't drinking milk when I saw this.

Static said...

Thank Biggles you aren't training with al-Qaeda either. Right?

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