Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NPH: National Project Julio

NPH, or National Project Julio, is a NPR sponsored/ripped-off website designed to gain media attention by clearly violating copyright laws and, in the process, replacing the tired old "blog" format with something a bit more palatable, i.e., the NPR website. Blog pages display entire articles and do now allow the author to manage content in a very appetizing manner. In a way, websites are the internet's "filet minot," and blogs are the internet's "wet cardboard box filled with the parts of food that people normally do not eat either because they are inedible or considered 'carcinogenic' by the FDA due to high levels of heavy metal (e.g. Metallica; AC/DC) and unprocessed human waste (e.g. Denny's)."

Above: the blogosphere OR the "Denny's" in Burmingham, Alabama.


Damian (666) said...

Good ta know, so this is your amazing amazingness blog that is amazing I'm amazed maybe I should of read it before giving ya the keys to AC haha kidding now go do more posts on AC and lets try something called 'originality'? ha kidding but seriously love the work and keep it up!

~Static~ said...

Mmm, Denny's!

So that's why it takes them so long to bring me my breakfast... first they have to find some coffee grounds, then the eggs, come up with bacon somehow (maybe it's a rat), and I don't know how they could find pancakes in all that mess! Talk about a tough job.

~Static~ said...

**hacks up a fur ball

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