Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5,000,000,000,000 Monkeys Couldn't Fix Massachusett's Public School Phys Ed Program

Hey, everybody. What do you get when you cross a monkey with a school board official? I don't know, but I bet it smells like a sack of primate shit.

School bake sales are now being banned in Massachusetts, by the same geniuses that proposed physical education cutbacks due to budget crunches. Most districts scaled back or eliminated their phys ed programs amidst a "public health crisis" of obese and overweight children in Mass. public schools. So the logical decision of course is to eliminate food bake sales where those fat kids could really clean up.

Because, you know, it's not like they're partly getting overweight from a lack of physical activity or anything... :|

Oh, I know! Why not CUT the school lunch program too?

And while you're at it, you MAss-holes should take a note from Newt Gingrich's book and make those thickset lazy students do janitorial work at their schools; scrubbing floors with a toothbrush and scraping vomit off the bathroom ceilings. It will help burn off some of the whalelike blubber you morons helped to distribute.

You might as well install a Nike factory in the school too and turn the fucking place into a sweat shop -- you can make the kids work off the district's taxes in "sweat equity" thereby releasing the parents of any obligation to your "budgets," you silly fucks.

Yeah, I know. And we're the ones who are crazy. :)

Julio's Note: Here's a video of a lecture by a brilliant education policy maker who describes this idea in more detail

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Julio said...

Daddy like!

Julio said...

Public Schools are, for a large part, total failures. Well, not "totally," in that around 70% of kids graduate. And of those, around 60% attend college...and of those, ONLY 50% GET A BACHELOR'S DEGREE (http://www.usnews.com/education/articles/2009/08/19/dropouts-loom-large-for-schools!

So to make it easier to understand, when a child enter's the public school system, he has 70%/2 = 35% chance of actually completing college. WHAT A WONDERFUL SYSTEM! I am now 65% more competitive for jobs! Take that, economically disadvantaged and minority populations!

But seriously, you do know why this is happening, don't you? Why we are taught to read but not to reason? Why we are taught to answer but not to question? Just think about that for a moment. If you wanted to control a population, wouldn't it be easier if they were taught HOW to be controlled? The current system is about Obeying authority; accepting the majority view (or risk failing); and herd mentality.

None of it is about independent thought; creativity; logic and reasoning; questioning and examining the methodology of specific scientific theories...and hence the problem. The problem of anti-homosexual sentiment; racism; greed; complete and utter self-interest to such extremes as to literally believe that cutting public education funding is a good thing, not good for everyone, but because it's a good thing FOR YOU (you pay less taxes); etc.

We are taught to be selfish, but not how to love and accept ourselves. We a taught to be competitive, but not how to start a business. We are taught how to read, but not how to reason. This is the status quo, the default human being who exists the public education system. This is who votes, who drives, who own guns, who are our bosses and co-workers, who own businesses. These are people who are not taught how to innovate because:

1. that would increase competition for the current oligarchy and their offspring and
2. they are easy to manipulate and control due to the fact that without reason and logic to guide them, the only remaining decision making engine available to them is their "gut," i.e., emotionally biased, self-interested, short-sighted, instinct. Animalistic instinct is all that remains when human beings are not taught how to use deductive logic to form arguments and subsequently examine the evidence behind the individual premises.

Static said...

Beau, I couldn't agree with you more. The whole point of my blogging about this article is exactly as you stated. There is little "education" in education (...unless you are a student with a lust for knowledge.) And most parents leave it up to public school systems to "educate" their children further compounding the problem. The dichotomy is that our society has created a unending vicious cycle that only a few are willing or capable of breaking. Parents are both overworked or lazy in some cirumstances. I am thankful I do not have the responsibility of raising children...I work long hours for the most part (when my employers are not subject to cutbacks that is)...I also attend school...I am at my plateau of stress with my job. I may have to take some time off like I have in the past, but there are no jobs right now! I have not had a vacation in four years. I barely have time to wipe my own ass with the latest newspaper headlines. I don't know how I would handle this problem. I wouldn't sleep. Ever.

Julio said...

As you know, I am a daddy. He is 9 years old, and last night we discussed Descartes Meditations (doubting everything, and arriving at the undoubtable idea, "If I think, then I am. I think. Therefore, I am."

He has ADHD, so it is infinitely more challenging than normal. Sometimes I lose it and scream at him. But this is outweighed by the progress made in his supplemental home education.

I don't have a job, but I am working on an entrepreneurial project that aims to END motor vehicle fatalities. Sound crazy? I also know how to make hybrid cars significantly more efficient; cheaply produce hot and clean water; at some point, my Philosophy education somehow led me to become an engineer!?

The problem getting all this started is my depression and ADD. I have trouble getting out of bed, but thanks to many medications, I have a much larger success in that area. Once out of bed, I have trouble getting to work. I should be working right now actually but I am instead using this as an escape. I am supposed to also be working as the webmaster of www.keithkarlsson.com but as with many things, I am evading my responsibilities due to either high levels of anxiety (i.e. fear of something that I am not sure of) OR habitual escapism OR simply ADD-rooted lack of discipline and impulse control. Focus is difficult...sustained effort...all things that normal people deal with multiplied several times by the very same brain that grants me my unique brilliance.

I should have some normal guy to sit next to me and jab me in the neck with a pen every time I get distracted from my predetermined goals. That would be nice...

Static said...

Beau, I empathize with you and your situation. I think we all need breaks now and then, so I do not see "blogging" or taking one's mind off their work or troubles as nonproductive. To me it's not merely a distraction, I see it as a positive experience that serves to recharge our batteries and give us fresh perspective.

For instance, these are just suggestions, but teaching the heavy topic of Descartes to a 9-year old boy is a challenge in and of itself. The challenge you and he face with ADHD probably heightens the stress associated with learning such Herculean material.

Maybe it's not appropriate material for a 9-year old boy just yet. However I can see the value of explaining a variety of doctrine and different points of view to a child when they are young.

Despite this, doctrine is not without dogma. Do you want to cloud your son's perceptions with beliefs that are rigid and force fed to him. Or would you rather encourage his appetite for a diverse array of knowledge from which to draw upon? I think you know the answer within yourself.

Another problem that occurs is when parents try to mold their children into the people they wish them to be, instead of accepting who they are. If you let your son demonstrate or explain his interests to you, and give him your full support and understanding, you might find that he will blossom into something you would be extremely proud of, regardless if he embraces any specific philosophies (the same as yours) or not.

And yelling, as I am sure you are already aware of, further compounds the problem and does not make someone want to learn what you have to teach, Beau. I've learned this from personal experience, and I'm sure if you take a moment for self-reflection you could see the value of patience when guiding your boy.

Speaking of distractions, when he (or you) starts to lose focus, it's a good time to shift the topic to something entertaining -- maybe a humorous analogy that involves the very same things Descartes used to convey his principles -- maybe redirect to something that is relevant but not quite as cerebral -- or switch to something entirely different for that matter. Seriously, man. We all need breaks. It is a fundamental process to learning.

Focus is difficult for everyone. Especially if they are losing interest because their instructor is not great at: telling stories, using metaphor, telling jokes -- or using their intuition to gauge the interest of their audience and knowing when it's appropriate to change up their monologue.

I think we've all experienced that phenomenon. Think back on when you were a child. Think of how imagination played a role in your development and your curiosity about the world we live in. Think it, feel it, embrace it. BE CREATIVE in other words. You are a very wise and educated man; I know you are capable. :)

And best of luck with your entrepreneurial (ad)venture(s). We need people like you to address the points and pressure the industries you touched upon.

I know you're busy, but if you care to discuss this in more detail you can email me (and we can take this on a more personal level away from the public's eyes).

Kind regards,


p.s. the video you included in the post was very good, and was just the kind of distraction I was talking about. Informative AND Entertaining! :)

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