Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network is Secretly For Adults

On the outside, this innocent-looking show seems perfect for your average 6-year-old. But a closer look reveals some very disturbing adult-themed material.

However, don't assume this is a bad thing. In fact, such disturbing humor hidden within children's television will actually benefit your child's creativity by exposing them to high-quality humor that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Thank you, Cartoon Network, for helping my son to stop making stupid, awful jokes.


Static said...

I think that this material is appropriate for children of all ages. Newt Gingrich should watch this more often.

Julio said...

I think newt GingRICH is quite an ironic name for someone who claims to be helping the working class. I think his last name is actually short for "fuckING RICH" and his first name "NEWt" is actually a reminder to everyone that he was born into wealth, hence "New...Rich." Suck on that Birthers, my conspiracy pwns you.

Static said...

Ypur th3pry 4ctu4lly spunds olaus1bl3, Jul1p.

Julio said...

Hanks-tay for the Int-hay, the onspiracy-cay will be iscovered-day!

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